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Dahua DeepHub Class

Model Number: There’s no specific model number as it’s a software

  • Dahua DeepHub Education Suite designed for interactive teaching using a smart interactive whiteboard.
  • Has powerful lesson preparation and teaching functions.

Dahua DeepHub Education Suite is designed for interactive teaching using a smart interactive whiteboard. It has powerful lesson preparation and teaching functions that enable teachers to create engaging lessons using a variety of templates for both in-person and online classes.

  • Abundant teaching tools: It provides not only the commonly used drawing, maths and measurement tools (rulers, protractors, etc.) but also diverse activity templates, helping teachers to create their own courseware that allow the interaction of mobile devices and making each class more interactive.
  • Rich teaching resources: There are a variety of teaching resources in the software library (available in both English and Spanish) that teachers can use to plan their lessons.
  • Courseware production and presentation: It supports real-time insertion of local and online images, videos, or recorded audios directly into the courseware, allowing students to understand the course content more intuitively. It also supports synchronising files to the Cloud in order to avoid possible data loss.
  • Ease of use: Teachers can flexibly edit, move, lock, unlock, and flip the content (text, image, etc.) on the screen. They can also take screenshots of the content and paste it into other files.
  • In-class quiz: Teachers can generate concept maps based on their lesson plan and create quizzes for their students, helping them to keep abreast of their students’ learning progress.
  • Instant interaction: Students can participate in activities sent by their teachers and interact through their own devices. They can directly draw or annotate on the courseware, which can help improve their concentration during the class.
  • Safe cloud storage: The content of each lesson can be uploaded to the Cloud so that students can download it directly to aid their after-class review. All content materials are automatically encrypted for data security.
  • Multiple languages: Dahua DeepHub Education Suite supports multiple languages including English, Spanish, etc.

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